The Skunkworks team is made up of a cross-disciplinary team of technologists.

Current members

Photograph of Giuseppe Sollazzo

Giuseppe Sollazzo

Deputy Director NHS AI Lab, Head of AI Skunkworks

Giuseppe Sollazzo is Deputy Director of the NHS AI Lab, overseeing the technical capability of the Lab and heading the Skunkworks and Deployment programme. Giuseppe joined the NHS AI Lab in November 2020. He was Head of Data at the Department for Transport between 2018 and 2020.

Before joining the civil service Giuseppe worked as a computational research and data expert in the clinical sector, as a data strategist, and a digital projects consultant for public and third-sector organisations.

His experiences include being a EU Horizon 2020 monitor, a UKRI assessor, and supervising computational neuroscience researchers. He has also advised the UK Government on the Open Data agenda.

An outspoken Open Data activist, Giuseppe received the ‘Individual Champion of Open Data’ award by the ODI in 2016, and in 2021 he was included in the DataIQ list of the 100 most influential people in data and analytics.

Charlie Coleman

Project Manager

Charlie is a Project Manager in the NHS AI Lab Skunkworks team. He works across the programme, supporting the team engage with partner organisations and deliver on projects. Charlie joined the team in December 2021. Before that Charlie was an Officer in the British Army Royal Corps of Signals, and is still an Army Reserve Officer in his spare time.
Photograph of Oludare Akinlolu

Oludare Akinlolu

Data/Technology Lead

Oludare is a Data & Technology Lead in the NHS AI Lab Skunkworks team helping organisations in the health and care sector inject digital transformation and AI capabilities into their processes by pushing the boundaries of best practice to deliver system efficiencies and strategic priorities. Before joining AI Lab, Oludare has held several roles within the data and BI space in Healthcare and Telecommunications sectors. He combines his experience with an MBA from the University of Strathclyde.

Past members

Amadeus Stevenson

Data/Technology Lead

Amadeus was a Data/Technology Lead in the NHS AI Lab Skunkworks team, working on accelerating the safe adoption of AI in the health and care system through practical knowledge and capability building. Prior to joining the Lab, Amadeus was Global Head of Product and CTO at Decoded, a leading technology education company. Amadeus combines his experience in industry with a PhD in nanomedicine from the University of Oxford.

Matthew Cooper

Senior Data Scientist

Matt is a senior data scientist in the NHS AI Lab Skunkworks Team in NHS AI Lab. In his role, he aims to help teams across the NHS to get AI-driven applications into their hands quickly, helping data science and machine learning to help them in ways which are tailored to their day-to-day. He has a background in financial regulation and consultancy, and studied Aerospace Engineering at university.

Arfah Farooq

Community Lead

Jennifer Hall

Senior Data Scientist

Jennifer was a senior data scientist in the NHS AI Lab Skunkworks Team in NHS AI Lab, exploring practical, innovative and ethical applications of AI across the NHS. Prior to this she studied Astrophysics at university and has worked in innovation, analytics and data science teams in the finance and travel industries.
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