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Separated into different stages - complete, dissemination, delivery, and discovery


  • ESNEFT Analysis - Diabetes Inequalities

    One component of our Data Science Internship project on Inequalities in Population Health Data

    PHM Data Data manipulation OSNnx
  • DNAttend - ML framework for predicting patient non-attendance

    One component of our Data Science Internship project on Inequalities in Population Health Data

    DNA Prediciton CatBoost PHM Data
  • Discrete Event Simulation - Ambulances

    Proof of concept simmer discrete event simulation for the ambulance setting - used at NHS-R 2022 Conference

    Ambulance Discrete event simuation RSimmer
  • H4_12 - The role of Patient Initiated Follow-Up and Digital Outpatients in supporting the elctive recovery

    Simulation of the role that PIFU and other interventions can play in addressing the elective backlog

    HSMA4 Project discrete event simuation simPy
  • Using LIME to explain facial disease classification

    Application of Local Interoperable Model-agnostic Explanations to an InceptionV3 Classifyier looking at a Rosacea

    LIME XAI Python
  • STM for survey data

    Application of Structural Topic Modelling and visualisation of insights. Currently private repo but being made public soon

    Free Text Analysis STM R
  • Txt-Ray Align

    Code to contrastively train and align text and image encoders and evaluate them on an image-to-text retrieval task using MIMIC-CXR. Currently private repo but being made public soon

    Image Encoder Text Encoder Python
  • Model Class Reliance

    Internship project investigating the use of MCR to identify the value of including commerical sales data in respiratory predictions

    Model Explainability Commercial Data Python
  • AIF ALlocation Streamlit Tool

    Tool built to support need based allocations

    Collaborative Analytics Streamlit Python
  • Open Cyber

    Summary statistics from the DSPT 2020/21 toolkit

    Cyber Security Compliance Open Analytics
  • GP Mapping

    This page tracks the number of patients registered at individual GP Practices

    Primary Care Mapping Open Analytics
  • The Prescribing Cost of Antibiotics

    Plotly chart and folium map visualizing the prescribing cost of the antibiotics Amoxicillin, Doxycycline Hyclate and Caefalexin for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

    Open Analytics Open Prescribing Python
  • Open Healthcare Statistics

    Collecting statistics on open-source NHS and healthcare related code repositories

    Open Analytics GitHub Python
  • Digital Health Insights

    What can the 2021 GP Patient Survey tell us about access to online general practice services?

    GP Patient Survey Digital Health Open Analytics
  • Open Analytics Template

    NHS.UK themed template for open analytics projects. Build your own open source end-to-end analytical tool using python, plotly,, and github actions.

    Open Analytics GitHub Python
  • eLfH-PHM-RiskStrat

    Risk Stratification - A practical example in R to accompany the HEE e-LfH module.

    R Prediction Analytics
  • NHS App Analytics Dashboard

    The NHS App dashboard enables you to see how many patients are using the NHS App across England, and which features they are using. It can be accessed by anyone with an NHS email address.

    Dashboard NHS App Analytics
  • Social Care Connectivity Devices

    NHSX led programme to procure and gift 11,000 (data-enabled) iPads to care homes in response to COVID-19.

    Care Homes IPads Analytics
  • Transform

    Methodology to calculate impact of aging population on activity forecasts.

    Forecasts b-spline linear
  • NHSX Academic publications

    Displaying statistics on NHS and NHSX-affiliated publications on Pubmed.

    Open Analytics Publications Python
  • SynPath - Diabetes

    SynPath module for generating type 2 diabetes pathway

    PhD Data Science Intern Scheme Simulation Synthetic


  • Time Series Forecasting

    Base starting code for comparative forecasting developed as part of a DDaT placement

    Forecasting Prophet SARIMA
  • Privacy Fingerprint

    Public facing materials for our commission on creating a tool to identify sensitive elements beyond PII in text

    Text Data Privacy NLP
  • System Hierarchies

    Aiming to visualise and represent the structure and mapping of different NHS organisations

    Structure Mapping Python NHS
  • Travel Times

    PoC for an interactive mapping tool to support decision-making.

    Mapping OSMnx Python
  • SynPath

    A library for generating synthetic electronic health records in FHIR v4 format using agent-based modeling to simulate patient pathways.

    Simulation Synthetic FHIR
  • AU Data Engineering - Azure Databricks

    Our public facing store of code used to transform our data flows using databricks compute

    Data Engineering Azure ETL Pipelines
  • AU Azure Databricks CICD

    CICD implementation of our engineering pipelines

    Data Engineering Azure ETL Pipelines
  • AU Data Engineering

    Our public facing store of code used to orchestrate our data flows

    Data Engineering Azure ETL Pipelines
  • Tableau Analytics

    Contains Tableau workbooks for NHSX analytics projects.

    Data Engineering Tableau Business Intelligence
  • SynthVAE

    Synthetic data generation by a Variational AutoEncoder with Differential Privacy assessed using Synthetic Data Vault metrics

    PhD Data Science Intern Scheme Variational AutoEnconder Synthetic