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NHSX affiliated publications

Displaying statistics on NHS-affiliated publications on Pubmed.

NHSX Affiliated Publications

Latest Data: 13/09/2021

Publication Date Publication Title Journal Authors No. PMC Citations Keywords
2021-09-09 An Evaluation Service for Digital Public Health Interventions: User-Centered Design Approach. Journal of medical Internet research Karpathakis K, Libow G, Potts HWW, Dixon S, Greaves F, Murray E 0 digital health, evaluation studies, human-centered design, internet-based interventions, mHealth, mobile phone, public health, service design
2021-07-13 The NICE Evidence Standards Framework for digital health and care technologies - Developing and maintaining an innovative evidence framework with global impact. Digital health Unsworth H, Dillon B, Collinson L, Powell H, Salmon M, Oladapo T, Ayiku L, Shield G, Holden J, Patel N, Campbell M, Greaves F, Joshi I, Powell J, Tonnel A 0 Health economics, clinical evidence, digital health, general, health technology assessment
2020-10-24 Digital health - a trainee's perspective. Future healthcare journal Maguire J 0 QI, Trainee, digital, training
2020-07-24 The ethics of AI in health care: A mapping review. Social science & medicine (1982) Morley J, Machado CCV, Burr C, Cowls J, Joshi I, Taddeo M, Floridi L 7 Artificial intelligence, Ethics, Health policies, Healthcare, Machine learning
2020-07-17 Bringing NHS data analysis into the 21st century. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Goldacre B, Bardsley M, Benson T, Cheema K, Chinn R, Coughlan E, Dougan S, Farr M, Hawkins L, Jonas A, Kinnear A, Mcinnes M, Mohammed MA, Morton C, Pasumarthy R, Pettinger N, Rowland B, Sebire N, Stroner P, Tennison J, Warnakula S, Watson O, Wright E, Young H, Morley J 2
2020-07-04 Using imaging to combat a pandemic: rationale for developing the UK National COVID-19 Chest Imaging Database. The European respiratory journal Jacob J, Alexander D, Baillie JK, Berka R, Bertolli O, Blackwood J, Buchan I, Bloomfield C, Cushnan D, Docherty A, Edey A, Favaro A, Gleeson F, Halling-Brown M, Hare S, Jefferson E, Johnstone A, Kirby M, McStay R, Nair A, Openshaw PJM, Parker G, Reilly G, Robinson G, Roditi G, Rodrigues JCL, Sebire N, Semple MG, Sudlow C, Woznitza N, Joshi I 6
2020-02-06 Supporting early clinical careers in digital health: Nurturing the next generation. Digital health Robbins T, Zucker K, Abdulhussein H, Chaplin V, Maguire J, Arvanitis TN 1

NHS Affiliated Publications

Total Pubmed publications that included NHS affiliated authors.

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