Completed Intern Projects

Wave 3 - June to December 2022

Wave 2 - January to May 2022

  • P24 - Using LIME to explain facial disease classification

    Application of Local Interoperable Model-agnostic Explanations to an InceptionV3 classifier looking at a Rosacea

    Published Report

    Model Explainability LIME Python
  • P23 - STM for survey data

    The development of an R code for investigating the topics found in free text survey data using a technique that monitors both the content of the responses but also the metadata.

    Published Report

    RAP code Topic Modelling R
  • P22 - Txt-Ray Align

    An investigation of extracting insight from multi-modal text and imaging data using contrastive learning.

    Published Report

    Multi-modal Contrastive Learning Python
  • P21 - SynthVAE Continued

    Building on SynthVAE - focused on non-Gaussian input data, hyperparameter tuning, improving the codebase and starting to consider how fairness in the created data can be assessed and implemented.

    Published Report

    Synthetic Data VAE Python - PyTorch, Opacus

Wave 1 - April to September 2021

  • P14 - Model Class Reliance

    Investigating the use of MCR to identify the value of including commercial sales data in respiratory predictions

    Published Report

    Model Explainability Commercial Data Python - mcrforest, SHAP
  • P13 - NHS Text Data Exploration

    Using a pre-defined toolset this project looked to understand how to ingest NHS.UK text data into a curated form.

    Published Report

    NLP Weak Supervison Python - scispaCy
  • P12 - SynthVAE

    Initial creation of a variational autoencoder with differential privacy for generating single table tabular gaussian data.

    Published Report

    Synthetic Data VAE Python - PyTorch, Opacus
  • P11 - SynPathDiabetes

    Exploration work into incorporating learning in to a pathway simulator for diabetes.

    Published Report

    Simulation Patient Pathways Python